RB40 Roofing Battens

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Advantages of BATTENMAN Steel Roofing Battens

Elevate your roofing game with BATTENMAN's RB40 Roofing Battens. Engineered for excellence, these battens redefine roofing solutions, effortlessly integrating with corrugate roofs and wall claddings. Designed to perfection, RB40 Roofing Battens embody strength, precision, and versatility.

Built for Challenging Environments

RB40 Roofing Battens stand strong in high windzones and snow-loaded areas. With impressive spans of 1200mm at 900mm spacings, they're your go-to choice for durability in adverse conditions.

Residential and Light Commercial Marvels

Designed for residential and light commercial constructions, RB40 Roofing Battens deliver unmatched performance. Suitable for both timber and steel trusses, they are the ideal choice for a range of projects.

Precision, Safety, and Ease

Experience the power of precision with RB40 Roofing Battens. Lightweight, dimensionally accurate, and straight, they make handling a breeze. The rolled safety edge ensures safe and easy handling, while the knurled mounting surface simplifies installation of sheet products.

Minimize Buckling, Maximize Durability

RB40 Roofing Battens expand and contract in sync with steel roofing materials, mitigating the risk of buckling ridge flashings. This innovative feature ensures your roofing remains impeccable even in extreme temperature changes.

Effortless Installation, Zero Waste

Roofbattenz® come pre-mitred, ensuring ease of installation into hips and valleys. Say goodbye to wastage and inefficiency, as these battens save time and materials while maintaining construction quality.

Seamless Lap Jointing

The RoofBattenz® profile enables easy lapping, resulting in faster installation without compromising on quality. The result? A roof that stands strong and looks flawless.

Elevate your roofing experience with RB40 Roofing Battens from BATTENMAN. Discover a world where strength meets innovation, precision meets ease, and every project reaches new heights of excellence.

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