CB35 Ceiling Battens

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Advantages Of BATTENMAN Steel Ceiling Battens‍‍‍

‍BATTENMAN Steel ceiling battens are the smarter choice for ceiling‍ installations, providing remarkable advantages over traditional methods.

Custom-run‍ battens, expertly installed by approved BATTENMAN agents, guarantee a beautiful ‍finish.

Lightweight, Stable, And Efficient

The BATTENMAN CB35 ceiling system is engineered to be both lightweight and‍ dimensionally stable. These attributes not only make handling a breeze but also ‍deliver an excellent, long lasting finish that resists cracking and popping.

Eco-Friendly And Time-Saving

Embrace sustainability with the BATTENMAN system's custom-run battens, which ‍significantly reduce construction waste, benefiting both the environment and ‍your budget. As a bonus, installation becomes a breeze, drastically cutting ‍down construction times and labour costs.‍


‍‍‍The BATTENMAN CB35 ceiling system offers affordability without compromise. Its‍ cost-effective approach has made it the go-to solution for volume builders and‍ private contractors alike.

Strength Meets Durability

The BATTENMAN CB35 Ceiling System boasts remarkable strength while remaining ‍lightweight. Rest assured, it won't shrink, warp, twist, or burn. Its durable ‍design promises a long-lasting solution for your construction needs.

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